Sunday, August 29, 2004


The Princess Diaries 2...

"Shut up!"

...or perhaps "the sequel that shouldn't have been made." Ok maybe that's being a little harsh. The movie actually was cute. And i liked that there was more romance in it. I just think it could have been sooo much better than it was. For one thing, repeated jokes from the first one does not make them still funny, it makes them lame. And they pretty much tried to fit every good one from the first one in which was just not a good plan. If the movie had been made to stand entirely on it's own it probably would have been really good...oh well, at least the guys were cute!

Monday, August 16, 2004


Take me out to the ballgame...

Ok so I realize I'm really awful about ever updating this thing but I'm really busy with...summer? hehe Yeah so last week Adam's lil bro was visiting from Idaho so we (me, Alyssa, Adam and Colin) all went to the SF Giants game against the Reds. They ended up losing but it was a really close exciting game including the first ever in the park home run at SBC Park. The best part of the whole game though had to be Lou Seal, the Giants' mascot. In the last inning the seal decides he's going to distract the other team's pitcher by flashing him! It was really funny but disturbing at the same time. Especially after the 8th or so time he lifted up his shirt and danced around...I think he was enjoying it a bit too much hehe Add that to the cotten candy guy trying to take out Alyssa's head several times with his cotten candy pole, the girl behind us spilling her soda everywhere including in her purse (which left her cell phone dripping with soda), and almost getting our heads taken off by a line drive foul ball and I'd say it was a pretty great game!

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